Green Structural Solutions

The Federal Government of Canada has made recent policy changes in the process in obtaining a license to grow cannabis. The company must build their building first, prior to making a formal application for a license. So, it is crucial that building construction is done right in the first time around. Earthcode Ltd, with our award-winning corporate partners, will offer high end innovations in buildings and structures for communities that meet or exceed Canadian Food Inspection Agency and Health Canada standards. We are committed to designing and constructing “greener buildings” that conserve energy and natural resources and help occupants engage in “greener” behaviors. We strive for continuous improvement to maximize greener efficiency of operations and improve environmental performance in every administrative/commercial office, manufacturing site, logistics center, dispensary, processing plant, pow-wow arbors, and R&D facility. In particular, we aim to;

  • -> Minimize environmental impact over each facility’s life.
  • -> Apply engineering and sustainability innovations to building management and construction.
  • ->Promote the best alternatives to standard building materials and office interiors that support healthier, more eco-friendly business environments.
  • -> Conserve natural resources and reduce energy use.
  • -> Implementing best practices in energy performance, water conservation, renewable resources, recycling/reuse, waste management, indoor air quality, and high safety measures.
  • -> Engaging staff in making cultural changes that foster green behaviors to help them make informed greener lifestyle decisions.

The core of our model is the cultivation and processing of medical grade cannabis and hemp  plants into pharmaceutical drugs that can improve health and wellness of patients in need. Earthcode can  employ world-class agricultural technology and professional experience, aided by agricultural experts, in a state-of-the-art greenhouse facility with rigorous quality control and quality analysis procedures that yield medicines free of contaminants, pesticides, mold or mildew. Earthcode can work with growers to produce the most consistent, high quality and high yield plants in the industry. One innovative technology is the use of hydroponics, eliminating risks of contamination and from mold occurring. In an indoor food production hydro-phonics facility, fish waste is used to feed plants organically, reducing toxicity and yielding clean, effective food produce, herbs, and plant medicine. We will assist Indigenous communities in providing a clean facility with high end monitoring control equipment and quality analysis procedures that yield medicines free of contaminants, pesticides, mold or mildew. Earthcode future plans include the acquisition of a mobile testing machine that can travel to various Indigenous communities to test plants to ensure compliance. Solar energy can be utilized as an option to power up grow and manufacturing facilities. In conclusion, what we offer makes sound strategic business sense.  It is our goal to empower Indigenous communities to become self-sufficient, once again, by using these proven methods and technologies.

Earthcode Enterprises Ltd is offering its Technologies, Services and Knowledge within the Agriculture, Cannabis & Industrial Hemp Industries to deliver complete turnkey growing solutions to the Indigenous Communities throughout North America. We provide solutions that will address Health, Medicine, Spirituality, Food, Shelter and Youth Programs & Education. Food Security issues are a high priority within the Indigenous Community and Earthcode has developed a Turnkey Solution for Grow-Facilities & Food Production Facilities to address these needs. Earthcode is taking the lead amongst Indigenous communities to provide effective solutions designed by First Nations for First Nations.

“ Proven expertise in commercial scale growing solutions for the best products ”