Our Approach


Proven expertise in commercial scale growing solutions for the best products

EARTHCODE ASSOCIATES is a First Nations owned and operated consulting company that offers Indigenous communities and companies technical and scientific support in the national and global cannabis and hemp industries.

We at Earthcode are not your average management consultants and master growers/herbalists. We want to see long lasting positive economic and social change on First Nations communities. We know first- hand the impact and the influence external economics are creating on the health of Indigenous populations. We want to assist in developing and implementing projects and economic strategies that are do-able, so our clients can achieve a greater return on investment. We are motivated to making a difference in creating equitable joint venture projects for our people. We are Indigenous First Nations people who are committed to developing and supporting sustainable economic developments projects. We are open to working with people with the necessary skills, expertise, and knowledge to empower grassroots community people and factor in capacity building in our projects. We are willing to partner with investors who want to help develop our communities. Earthcode offices are located on the Tsuu Tina Nation lands, one of the Indigenous Nations within the Treaty 7 territory of southern Alberta.

Earthcode will work with Indigenous communities to build automated structures equipped with specially designed growing methods, for the production and commercial sale of natural medicines, agricultural goods, produce & food products, cannabis and hemp and offer proprietary, seed-to-sale, certified processes that exceed industry standards. The long-term goal of Earthcode is to create global trade partnerships that will collaborate with European investment groups to bring Indigenous cannabis and hemp products to an international market. First Nations are the original caretakers of Mother Earth, exercising important inherent rights and responsibilities as stewardship of lands and resources. Earthcode recognizes natural laws that Indigenous Nations hold with deep respect. The observance of fundamental principles that respect inherent Indigenous rights and spiritual connection to the natural environment forms our approach.



Earthcode recognizes Indigenous peoples as holders of unique constitutional, and legal Treaty rights in Canada. Further Earthcode will observe the articles contained in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the Canadian Human Rights Charter, documents which outlines Indigenous Peoples rights to pursue a livelihood. Earthcode will respect the history, customs, beliefs and traditions of Indigenous communities and this will be integrated into how we conduct business. Earthcode supports the implementation of the national and global exchange of Indigenous goods, services and investments.


Mother Earth provides adequate sustenance and life for the winged ones, the crawlers, the water beings, the four legged, and the two legged. All plant life is sacred, and harvesting must be done with offerings and gratitude. We do not own Mother Earth. We borrow the earth from the unborn. 


We recognize the close spiritual and cultural connection Indigenous peoples have to the land and the environment. We support Indigenous peoples in their obligations as caretakers of the land and to conduct our business accordingly in an environmentally responsible way over the long term.


Earthcode promotes responsible economic development in a way that provides economic prosperity, promotes social well-being and preserving a healthy environment. We will endeavor to develop a thriving industry that will allow Indigenous communities to be vibrant, diversified and sustainable. A partnership and relationship based on transparency, mutual respect and trust.  


Earthcode will listen to the voices of the community leaders and Elders who understand the people who live and work in these communities, as well as the voices of our patients who see medical hemp and cannabis oils as viable options to their treatment and improvement in their quality of life.


People and communities affected by our activities should have the opportunity to benefit from energy development through opportunities such as employment, business development, education, training or community investment. We want to build strategic partnerships to cultivate and produce high quality hemp and cannabis strains and products to licensed dispensaries and recreational use lounges. We can and will produce the best crops through innovative growing techniques including constant care and monitoring, utilizing cutting edge technology.