Earthcode Services



EARTHCODE ASSOCIATES is a First Nations owned and operated company that offers Indigenous communities technical and scientific expertise in the national and global cannabis and hemp industries. Earthcode offices are located on the Tsuu T’ina Nation lands, one of the Indigenous Nations within the Treaty 7 territory of southern Alberta.


We at Earthcode are not your average management consultants and master growers/herbalists. We are dedicated to seeing long lasting positive economic and social change on First Nations communities. We know first-hand the impact and the influence external economics are creating on the health of Indigenous populations. We at Earthcode are here to assist Indigenous communities in creating successful projects that are founded in ancestral ways of our people. We combine tradition and technology to produce agricultural products & medicine products that are safe, natural and pesticide free. We know Indigenous communities are in a unique position to make waves in this emerging industry and we are here to ensure success and access to the most cutting-edge knowledge and technology information available. Earthcode can facilitate the development and implementation for successful projects and strategies that are do-able and attainable. In addition, we are focused on the production of medicinal solutions and the dispersion of knowledge for Indigenous health and well-being through our own product line.

The people at Earthcode believes First Nations are the original caretakers of Mother Earth, exercising important inherent rights and responsibilities as stewardship of lands and resources. Earthcode recognizes ancient natural laws that Indigenous Nations hold with deep reverence and respects the inherent rights and spiritual connection Indigenous people hold to the natural environment. These principles forms our approach and sound continued relations with communities.

Our advisory fee for services focuses on;

->Joint ventures that are mutually beneficial and empowering with excellent ROI opportunities.

-> Developing and supporting sustainable economic developments projects and long-lasting change on First Nation communities.

-> Assembling teams of industry leading, ethical and knowledgeable people to empower our projects ensuring communities are well equipped for success in all aspects of hemp and cannabis development.

-> Utilize suitable automated structures equipped with specially designed growing methods, for the production and the commercial sale of natural medicines, agricultural goods, produce & food products, cannabis and hemp.

-> Offering proprietary, seed-to-sale, certified processes that exceed industry standards.

-> The production and formulation of safe lab-tested quality extractions for medicinal purposes

-> Creating global trade partnerships that will collaborate with investment groups to bring Indigenous cannabis and hemp to an international market.

-> Offering cannabis/hemp health educational workshops for individuals, agencies, and communities.



EARTHCODE ASSOCIATES will assemble a qualified consulting team to assess the economics of a proposed strategy in a timely manner, so we can further define the basic components of the constructing the infrastructure of a project starting first with the acquisition/designation of suitable lands and location for a proposed grow facility or a site for a dispensary.

  • -> Develop community regulations and by-laws, permits and licenses
  • -> General scope of project
  • -> LOIs, MOUs, and joint venture partnership agreements
  • -> Assist in business development, licensing, and compliance
  • -> Conceptual proposals, design drawings, and schematics
  • -> Geo technical surveys and reports
  • -> Insurance, safety, human resources, and security compliance
  • -> Statements of probable costs and scheduling
  • -> Preliminary design reports and alternatives
  • -> Detailed design and procurement
  • -> Sequential tendering and sub-contracting
  • -> Specifications and tender documents
  • -> Provisions of required resources and equipment
  • -> Costs finalization 
  • -> Finalization of construction phases
  • -> Quality assurances
  • -> Manufacturing and retail business planning